Rubber Lining of Conveyor Pulley

Rubber Lining of Conveyor Pulley

JPI offers Rubber Lining/ Lagging of conveyor pulleys with superior abrasion resistance and water shedding to improve belt traction. We extract our Pulley Lagging service from Natural & Various Synthetic Rubbers to cater to diverse industries with the main motive of serving the Indian industry with Quality products to increase the efficiency.

We perform 3 types of lagging

  • Diamond Pattern lagging; based on the treads used for rain tyres, it deflects water into lateral or diamond shaped grooves, away from pulleys.
  • Plain Pattern lagging; for consistently dirty applications to prevent build up and shed excess material.
  • Light-duty lagging; specially designed for pulleys having diameters as small as 50mm.
  • Autoclaved lagging; for the ultimate in rubber lagging performance, we recommend vulcanised rubber lagging specified to suit your application and hot vulcanized in our autoclaves.



NR, Neoprene, Ebonite, Nitrile or any Synthetic Rubbers


65 ± 5 Shore 'A' for Soft Rubber & Hard Rubber or as per client requirement

Grooving Patterns

Diamond, Chevrone, Plain, Harringbone


05 To 25 MM or as per client requirement


  • High impact resistance
  • Fine anti-corrosion
  • Increase Life of Equipments
  • Easy to replace
  • Abrasive resistance